Design Your Forever Pier

At Forever Piers our motto is

                           "If you can dream it...we can build it. 

We stand behind that and it shows in all that we do. From pergola's to a custom trash receptacle, we can make your pier as beautiful and functional as your home. We believe that your pier is an extension of your home, so why not have the custom net bed or the triangle platform that aids in kayak or paddle boarding.  So let your imagination run and call us today for a quote on the next beautiful Forever Pier on your property with all the extra's you need.

Step 1- Pick your Layout

#1- The Main

#5- The "T"

#2- The Wharf

#3- The "L"

#4- The Main w/"L" & walkway and boat slip

#6- The Double wide

Boat Slip

#7- The U

#8- Boat Slips

Step 2- Measure your pier

 or have us out for a free quote to measure for you.

Step 3- Pick your Color                                    Decking and Skirt



Harbor Wood

Weathered Wood


Red Wood

Anchor Gray



Chocolate Brown



Step 4- Add Stairs and Accessories

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