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Permanent Piers

The structure of our "Forever Pier" is impressive and will stand the test of time. In providing a solution that will stand up to the harsh winter winds and ice and the abuse of boating, here it is. Our design offers strength horizontally as well as vertically. The pier is mounted at shore with a 4" pipe driven past the frostline. How we finish the pier is driven by the way we start the pier..All the steel pier sections used are a full 2" x 6" x 1/8" wall tubing. Vertical 4" pipe with a 1/4" wall thickness is driven to refusal, past 21' if neccessary. All this engineering allows for a finish you'll be proud to own.   After your "Forever Pier" is installed you will have a beautiful addition to your home and landscape. It is sure to impress and will make you feel good that you've made a great investment to your property.
Winter Instalation

Play on the water all summer, We'll install your Forever Pier during the winter months.  Winter can be the best time for building and placement of your pier, and you'll be the first one on the lake come spring time.

Pier Furniture

Our custom pier furniture will accent your pier and your entire lakefront property into a seamless, and intentional space that emulates your home. We offer a variety of dock boxes, end tables, coolers, umbrella holders, and stairs. In order for your pier to feel like it's been built just for you and your needs, we do custom!. If you have an idea or want a special feature, we can build it. 

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